Providing unbiased valuations of fine art with an emphasis on individual attention, integrity and discretion. 

Art appraisers are held to strict standards regarding their competency, ethics and methodology, documentation, market analysis and record keeping in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Robin Simon Appraisals does appraisals of all types and produces a written report appropriate to the purpose of the appraisal. In addition, we can work directly with your accounting, insurance and legal professionals to ensure that they have the information needed to protect your fine art.

There are many reasons to have your fine art appraised on a regular basis:


An appraisal will help you determine if you have appropriate and up-to-date insurance coverage on your artwork in the event of damage or loss.

Gift Tax

An appraisal establishes the value of artwork at the time it is transferred as a gift or charitable donation.

Estate Planning

An appraisal sets values needed for the preparation of estate-tax returns and asset distribution.


An appraisal establishes the value of artwork donated to qualified charitable organizations. The IRS requires donations of over $5,000 to charitable institutions to be supported by an appraisal written by a qualified appraiser (IRS Publication 561; 11/2013).


An appraisal establishes the value of jointly owned artwork to be distributed in dissolution proceedings.


An appraisal establishes the value of artwork for purposes of asset management, tracking loan collateral, and related financial and legal matters.


Paul Morrison
Rosy Fingered Dawn, 2013 (detail)